The Most Important Thing to Know About Search Engines is This.

They are constantly funneling prospects into businesses.  The only choice we have is where they funnel the business…to you or to your competitors.  You want it to be you because the leads that SEO generates are typically easier to convert into actual business.  Think about it.  With most other forms of marketing, you put your message out into the world and it’s a distraction.  They thumb past your magazine ad.  They get up and get popcorn while your TV spot is playing.  They throw away your mailing without even opening it.  Most ads are a distraction from what the prospect wants to be doing.  That’s why they typically have such an abysmal response rate.

The Leads You Get From SEO are Different.

Your website isn’t a distraction from what they want to be doing.  When your site comes up in the search engine, that’s the solution to the problem their currently having…it’s exactly what they’re searching for.  So all of a sudden, you’re not an annoyance…getting to your site and calling your business is the whole point of what they’re trying to do at that moment.

That’s what makes SEO so good for so many businesses.

Here at Floodlight SEO we do full service, next-level SEO.

We start by talking to you about your goals and assessing your current SEO starting point. We then analyze your competition to determine how much effort and resources and what specific tactics are needed in order to get you to the top of the search engines.  When we all agree on the plan we get started.

  • Our team fleshes out the full keyword list for you to approve.
  • We make all necessary on-site SEO changes.
  • We make sure that all systems are set up properly (Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics)
  • We run an initial ranking report so it’s easy to see how much we’ve improved your rankings in the future.
  • We start building high quality backlinks from a variety of trusted sources.  (These backlinks are what really convince google that your site is important.  An SEO campaign without backlinks isn’t really an SEO campaign at all).
  • We check in with you monthly to make sure you know how your campaign is going and to make sure that it’s translating into more leads and more business.  This is also to make sure that we are all on the same page and to make any course corrections that may be needed.

All of this creates a successful Search Engine Campaign that funnels new business into your sales funnel for years to come. Grow your business with the number one Minneapolis SEO Company, Floodlight SEO.

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