About Floodlight SEO

Floodlight SEO is an Internet Marketing company based out of Minnesota that specializes in Search Engine Optimization and Reputation Marketing.

Our Offerings (SEO and Reputation Marketing)

Back when we started over a decade ago (then under the name J Rhoades Consulting) we had a much wider focus than we do now.  We did more with social media and website design among other online marketing activities.  Over the years, however, we kept finding that the biggest return on investment that we could get for our clients was always based around Search Engine Optimization and Reputation Marketing.

Eventually we pruned all of those extraneous services out of our offerings to focus (almost) exclusively on SEO and Reputation.

Our Purpose

Floodlight SEO exists for one purpose – to help small and medium sized local businesses across the world grow and become the default business in their market.  To achieve that goal, the Floodlight SEO team puts into play intelligent and aggressive internet marketing campaigns to generate more visitors, more leads, more clients, and ultimately more revenue.

Our Philosophy

The Floodlight Philosophy is simple.  Do good work and treat our clients how we would hope to be treated if we were in their position.  When companies come to us, they’re typically pretty nervous about taking the first step and starting an SEO campaign.  And we understand. Real SEO isn’t cheap so it’s an investment rather than an impulse decision.  Real SEO isn’t fast so you are often operating on faith that it’s going to work for months.  Those are real concerns and we do everything we can to instill a sense of confidence in our clients at least until they start winning.  After that the results speak for themselves.  Because when it takes off it’s almost like magic how it makes your phone ring and fills up your calendar with new work.

What Makes Floodlight SEO Different than our Competition

  • Month to Month Agreements – No Long Term Binding Contracts.  We understand why other companies use binding year long contracts.  It’s nice to be able to count on that revenue for a full year.  It also makes it so they only have to impress you right before the contract is up for renewal.  That’s never sat well with us.  We only do month to month agreements that can be canceled by either party at any time.  To us that just makes sense.  We help clients…we don’t take hostages.
  • Data Driven SEO – Most SEO companies have a set recipe that they do for every client regardless of size or the strength of the competition.  That’s silly.  We do extensive market research and determine exactly what needs to be done to win in your market.  We compare your site against the winning competitors on over 500 different datapoints that Google takes into account when determining where you rank.  Then we come up with a specific plan for your site.  This makes it so we don’t overcharge or undercharge (both of which are very bad).  It also makes the positive outcome where your business becomes the default business in your market much more certain.
  • We don’t limit you on the number of keywords we go after.  Most companies have set packages with 5, 10, or 15 keywords that they’ll optimize for.  That’s not great.  Most companies we work with have dozens of keywords that matter.  Many have hundreds of keywords.  Our way of thinking is this…we want to make you the number one business in your market.  We can’t do that if we are ignoring dozens or hundreds of keywords.  Each one of those ignored keywords is a way for your competition to get customers that should be going to our clients.  That’s unacceptable.  If there’s a keyword that would bring in business…we want to rank for it.  That’s just common sense, right?
  • We won’t work with your competition.  A lot of SEO companies will accept anyone who’s willing to pay them.  That makes sense if you’re a printer or an advertising agency.   It’s completely unethical for an SEO company to do that though.  If we have 2 competitors in the same market in the same area then we would have to choose which one wins.  That’s terrible.  When you choose to work with us, you can be confident that we’re not secretly working for who you’re paying us to beat.

If you would like more business from the internet, contact Floodlight SEO and we’ll get started.

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