Many SEO companies have pricing strategies that don’t really make much sense. They have flat monthly fees and they pick the keywords or base the price on the number of keywords you want to optimize for. This is terrible for several reasons.

1. It’s a common “trick” to pick keywords that get no search volume and are really uncompetitive. This gives the SEO company an easy win but does nothing for the client’s business.

2. Charging by the keyword is nonsense. Some keywords are noncompetitive and easy to rank for. Some keywords are competitive and difficult to rank for. When companies charge based on the number of keywords, they’re likely either overcharging for the level of difficulty OR undercharging which means they won’t have enough resources to win for the competitive keywords. Both situations are unacceptable.

We determine pricing completely differently. First, we don’t limit you to 10 or 15 keywords like most SEO companies. For most companies there are dozens of important keywords. Frequently hundreds. We want to rank for all of them. We can limit the scope (in a way that makes sense) if we need to bring the costs down but our starting position is always to go after everything of value.

Next we do the research to determine how competitive those keywords are. This will show us how much work and resources will be required to get your business ranked up where the leads happen. And that’s what the price is based off of…the resources and work we’ll need to bring to the table to get you good results and a good ROI.

This is the Goldilocks version of pricing (because it’s not too much or too little…it’s just right.

It just makes sense.

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